Dipping my toe back in…

The last time I wrote a blog post was back in… 2012?

Let’s back up. Not to date myself at the ripe old age of thirty, my first foray into blogs (then called weblogs) was back in 2001. My first blog was on Livejournal (having missed an early adopter account by a month), where all the teenage angst of a private-school-going middle-class pretty devout Catholic female was on display. Highlights of that time include:

    • multi-page surveys
    • cryptic posts about secret crushes
    • long loving odes about men that I never in a million years had a chance with
      • (most were, as I later figured out, gay)

Unfortunately, homophobia crept its way into my posts, brought on by the fact that I was terrified that someone would think I was a lesbian because I had no experience with boys and no fashion sense and I was a pretty devout Catholic and Bill O’Reilly fan at the time.

I abandoned LiveJournal for DeadJournal during my Evanescence phase (which also seemed to be one of the first times that my bipolar disorder reared its ugly head), then went to Caleida when I was struggling with my weight and an eating disorder. I tried a couple different free WordPress blogs, along with BlogSpot. I backed it all up a couple years ago (along with the Livejournal of my now-husband) and banished it from existence.

So, you may ask, why bring all of that up now? I think it’s important to acknowledge where I’ve been and what was important to me, because it gives context to who I am now and what is important to me now.

What’s changed since the very early 2000s? In short:

  • Became Wiccan in 2003/4
  • Graduated high school in 2005
  • Had my first kiss and first boyfriend in 2005
  • Came out as bisexual in 2005 and had my first experiences in that arena
  • Graduated college in 2008
  • Got engaged in 2008 (to aforementioned first boyfriend)
  • Started investigating the LDS church in 2009
  • Graduated grad school in 2010
  • Moved to WDW in 2010
  • Got married in 2011 (to aforementioned first boyfriend)
  • Converted to the LDS church in 2011
  • Moved back from WDW in 2012
  • Got my second graduate degree in 2016
  • Came out as pansexual in 2016 (thanks to coming to terms with aforementioned crushes on LGBT+ individuals), with a newly-out bisexual husband
  • Left the LDS Church in 2016 due to anti-LGBT policies

So, in short, a lot of life happened since my first forays into the journaling world. And my first instinct, to hide all of my past and portray myself differently, would be doing a disservice to the fifteen years of growing I’ve done.

While this blog won’t have any boy angst and certainly won’t be homophobic, I’ll probably talk about some of the issues that I care about, from “work stuff” in Instructional Design and Technology to social issues and opinions and more personal stuff like our quest for progeny.

This is fair warning that I now lean very liberal, and you’ll see a lot of opinions that skew that way.

As someone who has worked for a decade in higher ed, I see myself as an educator, so this graphic shows where I stand.