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Blackboard Course – Theatre Experience for High School Students

In my Design of Online class, we were asked to create a Blackboard course using multimedia and pedagogy focused on our learners, who were high-school aged theatre students looking to pursue careers in theatre. This course was a created to provide an in‐depth learning experience for pre‐collegiate students involved in theatre productions and those who want to learn more about career opportunities in theater management. The course presented eight modules, covering an introduction, six areas of theatre production, and a final portfolio presentation. Each module involved a peer-reviewed assignment that built towards a final portfolio presentation. The portfolio is important to the students’ continued career as they would continue to build it though college and beyond.

This was a group project. The module I produced were the introductory module and the portfolio. I also served as subject matter expert. Click the image to enter the course.

Course Introduction Video/Presentation

Please view the VoiceThread presentation to learn more about the course.