Theatre Professional

I’m also a performer. To the left is my 2013 role as Sister James in Doubt by John Patrick Shanley. With over twenty years of performing experience, I started as a child singing solos in choirs. I was a ballerina until high school. My life as a performer has colored my life in ways I am still coming to terms with. My husband and I met in 2002 at a high school audition. It is simultaneously the most freeing and nerve-wracking experience; that ability to jump in and be someone else has helped me take on experiences in my life (like grad school x2!) and excel.

I’m a stage manager and theatre technician. One of my favorite quotes describes a stage manager like this:

Remember, if you have any doubt about who to ask, go to the stage manager.
The stage manager is the best port in a storm.

I am an organized person – I have to be. Stage managers have to know everything and document everything and run the three-ring circus that make up a theatre rehearsal and performance run.  I am that knowledge base at every job I have ever worked because of the documentation I keep.